Is there really a rapture? If so, when is it? #challengingtopics.3

In a flash, the twinkling of an eye! Before you can even take a breath you are caught up in eternal ecstasy into the glorious presence of the Lord. Defying gravity, you soar high without wings into the clouds of fire, but you are not consumed. Your whole being is transformed into an incorruptible eternal state that will be your home forever. Emotions that you have never experienced flood your whole being like a tsunami. Finally, after all the longing and the raging battles you have faced during your earthly life, you are free from all those troubles! Suddenly, every trial is dissipated as eternal glory consumes you and the light of the Lord radiates a billion times brighter than our sun. What a glorious day that is!

Surely you have heard of the rapture? The great snatching away of the bride of Christ. Many books have been written about the subject, many prophecies told, movies made such as “left behind” and also much controversy has been caused because of it.

In the English bible the word “rapture” is not used, but the concept is clearly portrayed in 1 Thessalonians 4:17. However, in Greek, the word “harpazo” is used and this is where the term rapture originated from. Verses with this word are… Acts 8:39 – 2 Corinthians 12: 2, 4 – 1 Thessalonians 4:17 – Revelation 12: 5.

So, is there really a rapture? The word of God is clear that one day God’s people will be “caught up” and will meet the Lord in the air. It will happen at the last trumpet and will happen swiftly. There is no doubt about a singular event at some point in history where the saints will all be gathered together. Some of those saints will still be alive at the time, others have already been sleeping. This means that a specific generation will escape physical death, just like Enoch and Elijah! What a momentous moment for that generation… Could that be us?

It is clear the rapture is a theologically sound teaching, but now things are going to get a bit more contradictory.

If the rapture is real, then when is it? There are 4 main views of the timing of the rapture. I will mention those and then summarise by confirming what I personally believe according to the bibles own interpretation. Please note, we are free to disagree, this is not a salvation issue 😊. The four views are…

1) pre-tribulation – this is the belief that the rapture will take place before the 7 year tribulation. This means the church will be raptured before the peace deal with Israel is signed and the man of sin (the antichrist) is revealed to the world. This also means the rapture is imminent and many who hold this view believe this is the next prophetic event on Gods timeline.

2) mid-tribulation -this is the belief that the church is raptured in the middle of the 7 years, the moment when the tribulation becomes the great tribulation. This is the moment when the peace treaty is broken and many “saints” are beheaded during this time.

3) post-tribulation – this is the belief that the church will not be taken away but rather meet the Lord in the air and come straight down to earth as Jesus sets up his Kingdom for the 1000 years reign. This is possibly the least most popular view because it does not make much sense.

4) pre-wrath – this one is not known as much as the other 3. This one believes that God removes his church before the full cup of God’s wrath is poured out on an un-repentant world. This means the church are with Christ in heaven while the judgements take place on earth.

Which one do you believe in?

I have heard many say that they believe the rapture takes place before the tribulation, when the restrainer is removed then the tribulation period begins. When I consider whether the “restrainer” needs to be removed for evil to reign, I consider the world we live in and take a glimpse at history. If the church held back the forces of evil then North Korea, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nigeria and many other nations would not commit such horrors against God’s people for such long periods of time. Sure, persecution would still exist but the church would have power over the darkness. We have also been through world wars, famines, dictatorships, extreme persecutions and uprisings during the church age. There has also been many “antichrist” figures rise up.
Sure, the tribulation is renown as the worst period in human history, a time never to be equalled again (Matthew 24:21) but does this mean the church is kept from it? Is the tribulation the hour of trial that Jesus said he will keep “those who are worthy” from? (Revelation 3:10). I know where I stand with this, but what about you? I would love to know if you’re willing to share.

Please note, that as I state my personal belief about the rapture, it does not mean I’m right! As stated before, this is not a salvation issue, so long as our trust is in Christ alone for salvation then we can have different opinions about the rapture. So here it is…

I believe the rapture is pre-wrath… that is, before God pours out his cup of wrath on humanity. Some believe that the whole 7 year tribulation is filled with God’s wrath, but this is not so. The tribulation begins with the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and the releasing of the antichrist (the rider on the white horse). Ezekiel 14:21, Revelation 6. Therefore, it does not begin with God pouring out judgements because during this time the antichrist goes out to conquer and make war with the saints of God (Revelation 6:2, Revelation 13:7) We, those who believe in Jesus Christ overcome him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony (Revelation 12:11). If the saints are removed then how do they overcome? If they are “tribulation saints” as referred to by those who believe in a pre-trib rapture, then who is proclaiming the gospel? Did Jesus not say that we would be persecuted for his names sake? (Matthew 24:9) But take heart for He has overcome the world (John 16:33).
Some also refer to the tribulation as Gods time to deal with the Jews for not believing in their messiah, that these 7 years will be an intense persecution as this is the time of Jacobs trouble (Jeremiah 30:7). Yet, we, those who believed the message after the Jews, have been grafted into the promises of God (read John 15) therefore, do we not share the same sufferings and blessings? Can God not deal with everything all at once… the sins of the world, the none belief of the Jewish people and the purification of the bride of Christ? Personally I believe God can do it all together.

Here is why I believe the rapture is pre-wrath… Based upon biblical stories we can see that God’s people have always endured persecutions but always been delivered from God’s judgements. Before Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed God rescued Lot and his family (Genesis 19) and also said to Abraham that he would spare judgment even for a tiny amount of righteous people (Genesis 18:23-32). God rescued Noah and his family before the flood (Genesis 6:9-9:17) God saved the Ninevites because they repented! (Jonah 3). God will always save the righteous from his wrath because we are not appointed to wrath but salvation in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:9). However, we are appointed to persecution if we desire to live a Godly life, for all who desire a Godly life will be persecuted (2 Timothy 3:12). This is why I believe the rapture is pre-wrath. If I was to give a timeline during the tribulation of when this will most likely be, it will be before the merchants go running into the caves (Revelation 6:15) perhaps 1 year before the end of the final 7 years… but this is mere speculation and I do not claim this as theologically correct!

The biggest misconception about the tribulation is believing that the whole 7 years is God’s judgements. First will come the antichrist, the false prophet and Satan (renown as the unholy trinity) who will woo the world with lying wonders and deception, then will come persecution against God’s people as world leaders become drunk on the blood of the saints (Revelation 17:6) then will come God’s judgements after God’s people have cried out to the Lord under the altar… how long until you avenge our blood? (Revelation 6:10). After the full number of those slain has come into heaven (Revelation 6:11), then judgements will pour out quickly, for he who delays will delay no more (Revelation 10:6). Will there be partial judgements at this time? Most likely yes! But the full cup of God’s wrath will only be poured out once all the righteous are removed.

Whatever your believe concerning the rapture, what’s most important is that we are always walking with the Lord Jesus!

I really hope this post has been a blessing to you! It has truly blessed me in writing it. One thing that is absolutely sure is that God wins! We who believe in Christ need not worry for we are on the winning team. 7 years compared to eternity is not worth comparing, so we should not fear if we are here during this time. God will guide, provide and protect his people in regards to our eternal state. What can man do to us? They can only harm our bodies but they cannot touch our soul and spirits! Trust in Christ, he will lead the way.

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Much love and God bless


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Whether the glass is half full or empty is a matter of perspective. The glass can be half full of air and half full of water at the same time. I see life as a gift that is wrapped up with great potential. Writing is one way this gift can be expressed. Words can bring can awaken life. This is why I love the word of God through the bible. It is the living word that can transform humans, societies and ultimately the world. Welcome to my world of words, I hope and pray God will bring these words to life for you!,

10 thoughts on “Is there really a rapture? If so, when is it? #challengingtopics.3

    1. It is a challenging topic for sure, I find it can be quite hard to study. God knows how everything will come together. Thanks for reading! God bless 😊

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  1. Yes my precious brother, there is a rapture, but it is not a “secret” one taking away the bride of Christ as has been taught. The first scripture 1 Thessalonians. 4: 17 that you have given to support your belief takes place at the end of the age, not in the middle of it before the tribulation. Revelations 1: 7 goes along with this scripture in Thessalonians stating that when He comes in the clouds, “every eye” shall see Him then. We are caught up in the “air” (in the Spirit) and shall ever be with the Lord. Every eye would not be able to see Him if He was in the “sky” forever. The disciples saw Him leave in the Spirit and He’s coming back in the same way “in the Spirit.”

    Jesus prayed NOT that we should be taken out of the world, but that we should be kept from the evil. …. This secret rapture is opposite to His prayer and to Proverbs 10: 30 that states that “the righteous shall NEVER be removed from the earth: but that the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.” Think of it: What you have come to believe is in direct contradiction to Jesus’ words and the word written in Proverbs. The scriptures in Matthew 24: 37-41 and Luke 17: 26-29 support that it’s the wicked, not a the righteous who shall be removed. Oh Deano, the righteous shall shine as the sun then, not be taken away.
    The Bible says that the whole world is moaning and groaning waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God… for those who have grown up into the full measure of the stature of Christ… in other words for “Christ” (the head and the body as “ONE” to appear. THAT is our hope and expectation…. not escaping out of here. We are going to be like the three Hebrew children in the furnace of fire when the tribulation takes place and not a hair of our heads shall be burned. Hallelujah! I hope that you and others will pray with an open heart for the anointing to be given to establish the truth concerning this and everything else that has been taught. I am doing the same, as many errors have crept into the church and we all have repenting to do in order to come into unity.
    I cherish you my brother and respect you highly. May you know that you and your writings are a great blessing to me.

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    1. Hi Michele, thank you for your amazing insight concerning this topic. You have certainly have me a new way to think about, I will dive deeper into God’s word to find out more. I have no doubt we are here during the tribulation and that God will supply and meet all our need through Christ Jesus our Lord. It will be like when God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, the world is like spiritual Egypt and God will rescue us from this system of slavery those globalists want to enforce. Thank you for your encouragement and your faithfulness in serving God. God bless 😊

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  2. I’m in the “I guess we will see camp”. I am watching the signs and keeping an eye on the sky but trying not to go past what the Spirit seems to be saying which most of the time is nudging me to love my neighbor stuff.

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    1. I like that camp Gary! We can all have our theories but until we see we do not know for sure concerning this matter. Love my neighbour is a great way to pass the time! God bless 😊

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