How can we successfully fight the devil? #challengingtopics.6

The devil is not a mystical creature with horns and a pitchfork, as some may suppose. The devil is a real, active and powerful enemy. If we scoff and think the devil is a joke, then take a look at the world, is he a joke? Nevertheless, we need not fear the devil, for heContinue reading “How can we successfully fight the devil? #challengingtopics.6”

Choose your battles wisely

Your tired right? Life got you feeling a bit cray cray? I know… I’m tired too! Watching the news alone is enough to zap my energy. I need an encounter with a nuclear power plant just to wake up! The question is why? Lack of sleep perhaps 🤔 it is a contributor. Drained from workContinue reading “Choose your battles wisely”