Once saved always saved? #challengingtopics.2

I have heard this mind boggling question many times during my Christian journey. Are we always saved once Jesus saves us? The responses are diverse for multiple reasons.

Some would say that not all those who are saved are always saved. Multitudes have sadly fallen away from the faith and renounced their belief in Christ, some of the following names you may recognise; Hillsong writer Marty Sampson (speaks about judgemental Christians and claiming Christianity is not for him anymore), Joshua Harris (author of “I kissed dating goodbye” – a book I read many years ago), Dave Gass (Christian for 40 years – 20 of them spent in evangelism – said he was leaving the faith and that it had been years in the making for this decision), Paul Maxwell (desiring God author – said he is no longer a Christian) – information found on Christianpost.com/voices/what-about-high-profile-Christians who renounced their faith?. Yes this is very sad to hear… Only God knows the heart and the motivations behind their decisions.

Surely the belief of always being saved is not correct then right? If many have fallen, then being saved is not a one moment event but a continuation of constantly being saved right?

Before we answer those questions and ultimately the question this post is about, what exactly does it mean to be saved? What are we saved from?

First of all, it is vital to note that “salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name in heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:2). Therefore, it is the name of Jesus Christ that must be confessed in order to receive salvation. What we are saved from are the consequences of sin (death – especially spiritual death being eternally sperated from God) so that we may instead receive the gift of eternal life (Romans 6:23). For, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9-10). Jesus also said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father accept through me“. The narrow gate to heaven is through Christ alone! He is our salvation and ultimately what we are saved from is hell… eternal separation from God.

If eternal life is a gift from God (John 3:16) and that gift is accepted by the recipient (human beings) then this does not depend on what good works we do, but only our faith in Christ. We first believe by faith, this itself is a gift as grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time (2 Timothy 1:9). We then receive the Holy spirit and we also chose to get baptised as a physical representation of dying to our old self and being raised to new life. The Holy Spirit is our seal guaranteeing eternal life when we rise from the grave (Ephesians 1:13).

Therefore, if salvation is a gift from God and Gods foreknowledge attributes to those who are saved, then how can salvation be lost? Those who are chosen cannot be unchosen, otherwise how can God be omniscient and know who will truly respond to salvation?

What about those who fall away? I know so many prodigal sons and daughters. Some of them were on fire for the things of God and now they are not walking with the Lord, this includes my closest friend from England. All who have wondered are alive but living a life without walking with the Lord. I have asked God why? The Holy Spirit reminds me that God is sovereign over everything. When the prodigal son finally returned the Father was waiting in eager anticipation and threw a party once he returned! God is waiting eagerly for the return of the prodigals, but sometimes they need to walk separately from God for a season, it is there they realize the world has nothing to offer compared to God.

If God gives us eternal life and then takes it away then it was never eternal in the first place. It is true that we can miss the calling of God on our lives through our disobedience and that our service for the Lord will be tested with fire. The apostle Paul said that if the work burns up, the worker will lose his reward but will still be saved (1 Corinthians 3:15).

Salvation is the work of Christ alone, nothing can be added to it… this is why Jesus said on the cross it is finished (John 19:30). The work of salvation was done! This is why the sinner on the cross could instantly be saved when he said “Jesus remember me in your Kingdom” (Luke 23:42). Therefore, when someone truly puts there trust in Jesus Christ for salvation they are saved and sealed through the Holy Spirit.

Yes many “false professors” are in the church and many believers do not grow into maturity of faith. Yet we can be confident of this, the Lord knows those who are His (2 Timothy 2:19). If one falls away from the faith and then perishes we wonder if they ever truly walked with God. Yet the Lord looks to the heart, something that we cannot do, he knows if they still believe in their heart or not, we will only find out when we all stand before God.

It is not our duty to examine the heart of others to know if they are saved, that’s God’s duty. We are called to love God, love our neighbour and love ourselves. Speak the truth of God’s word and make disciples. We should not be surprised if one turns on Christ or away from him, after all, Judas walked with Jesus just as the other disciples did, but still he betrayed him. This is the sad reality that we need God’s strength to handle. Yet we still love them, just as God does… and we pray they may repent before their last day!

One last thing, some may refer to the unpardonable sin (read Matthew 12:24-37) as losing salvation. Yet Jesus makes it clear that this is to do with the condition of ones heart and rejection of allowing the Holy Spirit to change that heart. If we are a new creation in Christ Jesus and the old has passed away (2 Corinthians 5:17), this means we also have a new heart. Do we still sin? Of course! But our attitude changes towards sin, especially as we continue to grow in relationship with God. So, do not fear that you have committed the unpardonable sin! The very fact that you desire to please God, live for him or even consciously think about your words and actions shows that you are living (or at least wanting to live) for God almighty.

Father God,
Thank you that you chose us before the foundation of the earth, according to your word. If we ever doubt our belief, help us with our unbelief. Give us faith to move mountains and confidence to trust fully in the name of Jesus Christ. May those we know who have wondered from the truth be restored to their faith in you! You are sovereign over everything, your desire is to save as many as possible… Oh save us father God! We ask in the mighty name of Jesus Christ – amen.

Any questions or comments please share, would love to hear!

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Love and God bless


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Whether the glass is half full or empty is a matter of perspective. The glass can be half full of air and half full of water at the same time. I see life as a gift that is wrapped up with great potential. Writing is one way this gift can be expressed. Words can bring can awaken life. This is why I love the word of God through the bible. It is the living word that can transform humans, societies and ultimately the world. Welcome to my world of words, I hope and pray God will bring these words to life for you!,

14 thoughts on “Once saved always saved? #challengingtopics.2

    1. Thank you for commenting! Yes this thought crossed my mind too, but then I wonder if a person is saved if they can reject the Holy Spirit that seals thsm for salvation after being saved? This is one of those baffling questions. I have read so many stories about this and always wondered about it… hence why I love people’s views and comments! Many people want to avoid this question until they witness it. God bless 😊


  1. We have many denominations within the Church. We have many Theologians, Teachers and preachers. Many doctrines and traditions. No shortage of translations or commentary. Ones Soteirology is often the point contention. It is deep, vast and a hard topic so often avoided. You could say we have many “faiths” to keep (keep the faith – the faith which we preach, Paul). One can renounce change ones mind or turn from this “faith and practice” (believe in vain – go out from us, not of us). I am a sinner saved by Grace. Sin seperates us from fellowship with God. Often this can cause one to question ones salvation (faith in Christ) but the Spirit himself testifies with our spirit to give asureance. Mans problem is seperation from God. God’s solution is Jesus Crist (died, buried and risen). Faith is the conduit to Grace. The result is the new birth (born of the Spirit – indwelt) “life, in Christ” eternal, abundant and free! -signed, sealed and delivered! That’s Salvation (past tense – penalty of sin) a point in time that manifests in Salvation (present tense – bondage to sin) and ultimately results in Salvation (future tense) Glorification!!! But God will not be mocked – many will identify as a Christian having works (present) without “Life” or Salvation (past) but that does not make them one.

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    1. Thank you for sharing such deep insights concerning this question. You have said some amazing things which I will take on board. God bless!

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    2. Also, would just like to say thank you for linking this post to your blog! Your input in this subject is very profound and greatly appreciated. God bless you Dave ☺️

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  2. I had much confusion about “once saved, always saved” until I learned that it is our spirit that gets saved when we receive Jesus as our savior. We are born of the spirit, and we can’t be unborn… The spirit is forever saved, but this is not true concerning the soul. We are told to work out our salvation with fear and trembling…. The Bible says that when He comes, will He find faith? The answer is that there will only be a “few” who overcome the world, the flesh and the devil in order to become “whole” having Christ fully formed in them. The soul, which is the mind, will and the emotions must become “one”with His and it takes MUCH tribulation for the soul to be saved. THIS is why the “gospel of Abraham” is preached which is mentioned in the New Testament. We are not saved to “go to heaven”…. Nowhere will you find “heaven” in connection with Abraham or even in the old testament. We are NOW in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
    Most do not have the revelation that there are TWO resurrections. Those who fully overcome their carnal nature will be part of the first resurrection. They will not only have experienced the salvation of the spirit and soul, but also of the body… They are the FIRSTfruits… the overcomers who will have the crown of life, the morning star, the rod of iron and all the others promises fulfilled. Only OVERCOMERS will have their souls saved. Not all will pay the price of becoming His disciples by forsaking ALL. The ones who don’t pay the price are still his children but will not take part in the first resurrection. May all realize God’s purpose in our being given the free gift of salvation of our spirit is so that a “new man” will fully formed in us… so that we will overcome all the filthiness of the flesh and spirit. Paul travailed that Christ be fully formed in us….THEN our souls will be saved and after that, the salvation (redemption) of our bodies will be experienced.
    I love you my brother… I love your earnestness and faithfulness to seek for the truth. You are a man of faith that our God has much joy in. Me, too!

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    1. Wow Michele! I love your input with this question, this is a very deep and theological response, I never thought of the first resurrection in this way, this is amazing insight. You are a great blessing too with an amazing servants heart who knows their God and their God knows them. Much love and God bless! 🥰

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    2. Thank you Michelle. I believe much the same. I think believers sadly overlook (and underestimate) the sin of presumption. They assume they are saved and therefore act with impudence and can fall heavily or very far from God. Not all who call “Lord, Lord” will enter the Kingdom. “Truly I do not know you” will say the Lord. Yes we must work out our faith in fear and trembling, as Paul advises. How many people are honest with themselves? They all want the easy way out.
      But unless you take up your cross and follow Him, you aren’t with Him at all. Forgive me Father- through Jesus.

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  3. Amen! I’m a perseverance of the saints kind of gal. God will enable us to endure our hardships and trials so that we cannot fall away. If a person can lose their salvation, then they would be responsible for saving themselves as well. Even if they renounced God I would say they were never saved in the first place. God cannot lose what is in His Hand. Many will say, “Lord, Lord” but Jesus says He will say to them “get away from me you doers of evil.” Losing and meriting salvation in my opinion are two sides of the same coin. God saves, God seals, God delivers His people. Thank you for this post, Dean!

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    1. Amen Mandy! Thank you so much for you insights… So true what you said “God saves, God seals and God delivers his people”! This is so true! Much love to you, Nathan and PQ. God bless 😊

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