Do we leave the best gift unwrapped?

So here it is Merry Christmas everybody’s having fun! Right? We’ve got the turkey cooking and making the house smell scrumptious and perhaps making the neighbours jealous (here in Portugal they eat fish for Christmas dinner!). The gifts are all wrapped up under the Christmas tree ready for giving to some delightful faces. The ChristmasContinue reading “Do we leave the best gift unwrapped?”

While I have been away

Hi everyone, how are you? Hope all is well! I took a break from blogging for a while for a few reasons. First, my mind had been on overdrive these last few months, delayed emotional onset of all the trauma of the last two years along with lots of work. I don’t always express myContinue reading “While I have been away”

Which tent do you live in?

I heard a preacher once say, “life can be separated into 2 camps (2 tents so to speak), they are, content and discontent”. Which tent do we chose to live in? Many wonder through life endlessly searching for satisfaction without God. The pursuit of happiness usually ends up nothing more than a pursuit because onceContinue reading “Which tent do you live in?”

Gods greatest gift

It’s nearly Christmas! That wonderful time of year of giving, eating and spending time with those we love and care for. A time with beautiful decorations and lights, cold winter nights and hot chocolate topped with creme and marshmallows… Well the last part is something I really like on a cold night. Yet, in spiteContinue reading “Gods greatest gift”

The reason why me, myself and I can never truly satisfy.

One of the core issues of the 21sr century is the me, myself and I lifestyle. The selfy generation or generation X or Z are so desperate to feel loved that some take extreme measures to find it. The inward forces of internal happiness has turned out to have the opposite effect. Then we askContinue reading “The reason why me, myself and I can never truly satisfy.”