You…and me?

You told me you don’t want me more times than you say you love me You say that we are equal but live like your way above me You treat me like a joke and many times you reject me You get mad at other people when you think they don’t respect me You getContinue reading “You…and me?”

The Devils temptation to cut life short

Actions/Thoughts… Sometimes I wonder about climbing a tall building and then peering over the ledge. As I look down I would ponder the reasons for living. When faced with death reasons to live usually come to mind. If I find no reason, then shall I jump? No reason to live means a reason to die,Continue reading “The Devils temptation to cut life short”

If you feed it you give it power

A young child once asked his father a simple question. He said to his father, “Father, I have a battle inside of me, one of good and evil… Who do you think will win?”. The father looked at his son and wisely said, “The one who will win is the one you feed to giveContinue reading “If you feed it you give it power”

The battle for the mind. Part 2… How external forces influence internal thoughts

There was a study many moons ago conducted by a man named Ivan Pavlov. The study was about the conditioning of behaviour. This is how the study went… The most famous example of classical conditioning was Pavlov’s experiment with dogs, who salivated in response to a bell tone. Pavlov showed that when a bell was soundedContinue reading “The battle for the mind. Part 2… How external forces influence internal thoughts”