It’s been a difficult few days

Hi blogging family, hope all is well with you! I have to say these last few days have been a bit of a nightmare! On Tuesday afternoon last week I was just getting on with work when suddenly I didn’t feel right. It was like some horrible presence swept over me and I suddenly becameContinue reading “It’s been a difficult few days”

Your mental health is important!

I must be honest, I have been struggling with undiagnosed depression for many years. It’s not easy here to have examinations, I do not have a doctor because there is an extreme shortage of them and private health care is way too expensive! I have been ashamed to admit this to leaders of the church,Continue reading “Your mental health is important!”

Overcoming depression

Hello bloggers and friends! How are you? When someone asks you how you are do you really tell them how you are or just say “I’m fine”? In England I remember someone saying to me fine stands for, Fatigued – Irratable – Neurotic – Emotional. It could really mean many other things. The point is,Continue reading “Overcoming depression”

The battle for your mind. Part 1

When I was younger and wilder we used to play football with what we termed as “prison rules“. What this meant is that the normal rules were removed and we could be a bit more aggressive in our play. Yes, people did get hurt and I realize the foolishness of this now I’m older andContinue reading “The battle for your mind. Part 1”

What about mental health?

This is no doubt a sensitive post for some, reader discretion advised. I have lost count of how many times I have heard on the news sayings such as; “Your health is our priority, stay home save lives, health comes first, stay home stay safe…“. For the last 18 months these words have been utteredContinue reading “What about mental health?”