A poetic tribute to Elizabeth II

Today is the day they lay our queen to rest, her service unmatched for she gave us her best. England’s consistency in the midst of great change, for seventy years she faithfully reigned. It seemed like forever she’d sit on the throne, but when God makes the call then it’s time to go home. HerContinue reading “A poetic tribute to Elizabeth II”

Until death do us part

It hurtsYour silent treatmentIt really hurtsI know I have made mistakesI’m just an imperfect man under constructionWhat’s done is doneWe cannot change thatIf I could turn back timeI would go back to the other nightI would take back those wordsAnd I would hope you’d take back yoursI would breathe and take a walkRather than hurtContinue reading “Until death do us part”

A prayer for this day… We will remember.

I will never forget this day 20 years ago today! I was a 13 year old teen just getting ready to go and play football with some friends, I grab some things and go to say goodbye to my foster parents who were watching what I thought was a movie. Intrigued I asked what movieContinue reading “A prayer for this day… We will remember.”