It’s been a difficult few days

Hi blogging family, hope all is well with you! I have to say these last few days have been a bit of a nightmare! On Tuesday afternoon last week I was just getting on with work when suddenly I didn’t feel right. It was like some horrible presence swept over me and I suddenly becameContinue reading “It’s been a difficult few days”

Why did God allow Covid? #challengingtopics.4

Perhaps the title is too specific, maybe we could ask… why does God allow sin and suffering? Why does God allow persecution? Why does God allow innocent people to have such short earthly lives and evil people to have long earthly lives? Or, on a more personal note I could ask… Why did God allowContinue reading “Why did God allow Covid? #challengingtopics.4”

A young man’s secret battles

There was once a young man, so full of life, faith and wonder. Everyone who met him enjoyed his presence and testified of his Godly countenance. Those who spent time with him would leave knowing they met with “one who walks with the Lord“. Fearless was the young man since he found faith; not afraidContinue reading “A young man’s secret battles”

Feeling much better! A prayer for those who are sick…

Hey everyone! Hope that you are all well and that God is keeping you safe in his love and compassion. So as you may know I got the virus last week and it really knocked me off my feet a bit. However, with much prayer and petition strength came back and the virus is onContinue reading “Feeling much better! A prayer for those who are sick…”

Seeking God during quarantine

It was on Monday 03.01.2022 night when I was hit with severe shaking and a trembling over my whole body. I lay in bed feeling cold yet sweating, my lower back also hurt and then I started to cough and have a sore throat. Everything swept over me suddenly like a tsunami. My wife wasContinue reading “Seeking God during quarantine”