The only way to heaven

I had a conversation with a fellow believer who was miss understanding the core of the gospel message. It was a loving conversation and the other person said, “to us this might be our truth but to others then that’s their truth, so if they believe they are right then maybe they are”. Now, thisContinue reading “The only way to heaven”

Message to the Oligarchs

Who are you? You oligarchs! You self ordained sinners sitting on your thrones of lies. Who elected you and made you rulers over many? You certainly didn’t get my vote! You think because you have billions that you have the right to play God? How foolish! How can you determine what’s best for the commonContinue reading “Message to the Oligarchs”

You shall know the truth

Many people prefer fantasy over reality, they do not want to face real monsters, they prefer hyperthetical Frankenstein ones. Why is this? Its simply because the “truth” concerning some of the things of this world are so dark that no one wants to believe these truths are real. Perhaps instead we would call these truthsContinue reading “You shall know the truth”