Faithful and true!

In a world spiralling out of control with lies and propaganda, it’s best to keep our eyes fixed on our God who does not change. When I’m struggling and overrun with the busyness of life, I take a breath and look at those things that don’t rush around. Gaze at the sunset, stare at theContinue reading “Faithful and true!”

Should we be concerned about CERN? #Challengingtopics.7

CERN is the worlds largest hadron collider and is quite a spectacle to observe. The function of this scientific mega machine is to provide particle accelerators required for high energy physics research. (Info Wikipedia). CERN is also used to simulate events such as trying to figure out the origins of the universe… recreating the bigContinue reading “Should we be concerned about CERN? #Challengingtopics.7”

The Devils temptation to cut life short

Actions/Thoughts… Sometimes I wonder about climbing a tall building and then peering over the ledge. As I look down I would ponder the reasons for living. When faced with death reasons to live usually come to mind. If I find no reason, then shall I jump? No reason to live means a reason to die,Continue reading “The Devils temptation to cut life short”

Poetic aspiration

I stand amidst this fickle assemblageBeleaguered, my soul woebegoneSempiternal hopes keep my Spirit aliveI, the harbinger, speak of the return of ChristWoe is me if I remain demureIf my willful do’s are desultoryI must continue with forbearanceLove my enemy, keep on caringNo utterings of susurrous speechBlessed are those whose feet carry peaceIt only takes aContinue reading “Poetic aspiration”

Overcoming depression

Hello bloggers and friends! How are you? When someone asks you how you are do you really tell them how you are or just say “I’m fine”? In England I remember someone saying to me fine stands for, Fatigued – Irratable – Neurotic – Emotional. It could really mean many other things. The point is,Continue reading “Overcoming depression”

Message to the Oligarchs

Who are you? You oligarchs! You self ordained sinners sitting on your thrones of lies. Who elected you and made you rulers over many? You certainly didn’t get my vote! You think because you have billions that you have the right to play God? How foolish! How can you determine what’s best for the commonContinue reading “Message to the Oligarchs”

The horrors of mass shootings – God we cry out to you!

My heart aches when I hear of another mass shooting in America! All though this has been happening for many years, it appears to be spiralling out of control. It is not just the lives of those shot and killed that are taken; its the lives of family members, friends or perhaps teachers too! ForContinue reading “The horrors of mass shootings – God we cry out to you!”

Writers block – how can we get out of it?

Grrrrr, writers block! Trying to think about what to write about but my brain seems to be stuck in a loop. I think an idea comes to mind, then I realise I have already spoken about it before. Perhaps it’s best not to write. Have you been there before? Trying to write but nothing comes.Continue reading “Writers block – how can we get out of it?”

You shall know the truth

Many people prefer fantasy over reality, they do not want to face real monsters, they prefer hyperthetical Frankenstein ones. Why is this? Its simply because the “truth” concerning some of the things of this world are so dark that no one wants to believe these truths are real. Perhaps instead we would call these truthsContinue reading “You shall know the truth”