Praying for the persecuted church #9

Yesterday was international prayer day for the persecuted church, but really every day is international prayer for our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. They always need our prayers! Today we are visiting Iran. Iran has an estimated population of 84 million people with about 800,000 Christian’s – a number that is rapidly growing! PersecutionContinue reading “Praying for the persecuted church #9”

Relationship saves. Part 2: The bright side of ‘religion’

This is following on from the blog “religion kills” – you can read this post here.Religion kills. Part 1 – the dark side of religion It would not make sense to rename the second part “religion kills” because we are not looking into the dark side again. This time we will look at the reasonContinue reading “Relationship saves. Part 2: The bright side of ‘religion’”

Religion kills. Part 1 – the dark side of religion

Did you know, that ultimately, it was religion that killed Jesus Christ? Isn’t that just mind boggling? The son of God, who came to earth to save humanity, has more followers in the world than all other religions – yet, he was killed by religion. Yes, religion really does kill. Now you may be thinking,Continue reading “Religion kills. Part 1 – the dark side of religion”