Pray until God shakes the earth!

No great move of God has been accomplished without prayer beforehand. Prayer is the key that unlocks the gates of heaven to pour out heavenly blessings upon the earth. Prayer does not mean we twist Gods arm to get what we want, fervent prayer re-aligns the human heart and soul with the heart of GodContinue reading “Pray until God shakes the earth!”

The voice of the good shepherd

A voice of a stranger they will not follow… voices are incredible, kind of like fingerprints. Each voice has a unique tone, is identifiable and instantly we recognize who is speaking when it’s someone we know. Imagine if we all sounded the same, how confusing would that be during phone calls! Gods creative ability isContinue reading “The voice of the good shepherd”

Faith inspires faith – Gods power in the midst of trials and persecution.

In the past, the devil persecuted the church because he believed it would extinguish the church. However, history has proven that during persecution the church grows exponentially. Why is this? How can Gods people grow under such immense horrors of being fed to lions, crucified, beheaded, put into prison camps and many more horrific things?Continue reading “Faith inspires faith – Gods power in the midst of trials and persecution.”

He was pierced for our transgressions

Why do they call today Good Friday? What’s so good about crucifixion? Wikipedia explains at as follows: Etymology. “Good Friday” comes from the obsolete sense “pious, holy” of the word “good”. Less common examples of expressions based on this obsolete sense of “good” include “the good book” for the Bible, “good tide” for “Christmas” orContinue reading “He was pierced for our transgressions”