Should we be concerned about CERN? #Challengingtopics.7

CERN is the worlds largest hadron collider and is quite a spectacle to observe. The function of this scientific mega machine is to provide particle accelerators required for high energy physics research. (Info Wikipedia). CERN is also used to simulate events such as trying to figure out the origins of the universe… recreating the bigContinue reading “Should we be concerned about CERN? #Challengingtopics.7”

Should we just trust the science?

How can some say, “I trust the science” and attest to the science they trust in as something absolute? Science is never absolute as a whole because science is always learning and exploring. If someone says to me, “how dare you question the science!”, I say to them, “what science are you talking about? IfContinue reading “Should we just trust the science?”

The bible and science

Can the bible and science co-exist or should it be one or the other? Consider the realm of science and ask yourself, can anything in the bible support that discovery? What about the earth being round (Isaiah 40:22) What about the water cycle (Job 36:27-28) These things are poetically described in the bible long beforeContinue reading “The bible and science”