Toby – fictional story – chapter 2

Toby awoke as the streak of day light entered the dark cell. He rubbed his puffy eyes and looked around the 9 by 12 feet dark dungeon of a place, he saw no one else around him. Toby arose from the cold blood stained concrete floor on which he lay. As his limp body found strength to stand he was perplexed about his conversation with Emmanuel. “Was he even real?” He was thinking. He looked around and noticed that the blood on the floor was not completely dried up, it was slightly sticky. He checked himself and saw no open wounds and remembered the appearance of Emmanuel. Just as he was pondering those thoughts he knew exactly how to find out if he was real.

Toby walked limply accross the cell towards the writing underneath the window frame, he read the writing, “the Lord is my light and my salvation, an ever present help in times of…” before he uttered the last word he burst into a flood of tears and then emotionally exclaimed “trouble!” He jumped up and down in joy, completely forgetting about the ongoing pain in his right leg causing him to limp. After the rush of excitement was released the pain returned with vengeance and he lay back down on the cold concrete floor.

Toby lay on his back staring at the ceiling with a gleaming smile. All these months incarcerated he thought he was abandoned, but now he knows his God is with him. His gleaming smile rested in the small stream of dusk sun light breaking into the murky cell window. As he absorbed the warmth he prayed out the scripture verses that he had learned by heart on the ceiling above him and closed his eyes.

Some time had passed while his eyes were closed, but he opened his eyes quickly to the sound of voices. The guards love to bang their batons along the corridor walls to intimidate the prisoners. Toby was now well acquainted with the dreaded sound as nothing good ever comes from it. He suddenly realised what time it could be, he uttered under his breath as fear rose up within him, “oh no… it’s that time!!”.

The sound of the batons increased until it reached the metal cell door. Bang! Bang! Bang! The three signature knocks reassured Toby of what time it is, darkness has enveloped the cell as Toby breathed heavily with a racing heart. A deep menacing voice bellowed from outside the cell door as the sound of dangling keys echoed in the hallway, “83565! You know what time it is!!”. As those words were spoken two armed officers or as their master would call them, servants, entered the room. They hit Toby immediately with their batons, just because they wanted too. Toby curled over gasping for air as they repeatedly hit him in the stomach and put handcuffs around him. Dragging him out the cell and still hitting him one of the “servants” snarled in his ear, “this time… you better please our master and say what’s good for you!”

As Toby was dragged down the seemingly never ending corridor he heard sobbing in the cells as he passed by. Toby thought to himself while in great pain, “how many more are suffering like me??”. Toby knew where they were taken him, every so often they take him to “the interview room”, a place that he learned to despise. As he left the corridor the servants put a covering over his head as they led him out the prison block to the interview room, they did not like anyone knowing where this place was.

About 10 minutes later walking through mud and mire and a fresh breeze, they entered another building. Once inside they removed the head covering and dragged him the rest of the way until they reached the dreaded room.

The door was opened by another servant. Toby found strength to lift his head to find a well acquainted man, well attired and smart looking sitting behind a paper littered desk across the room with dimmed lights setting the scene. The man did not look at Toby as he entered, he was looking deeply at some paperwork in front of him. Without even acknowledging Toby entering he calmly uttered, “83565… please, do sit down”. As he said those words a servant pulled out the chair for him, removed the covering from his head and pushed him to sit down.

The well attired man finally looked up and smirked with evil intent, he then uttered in his low and tone less voice “83565… here we are again, you should know by now exactly what will happen if you do not please the master”. Toby was well experienced with these “interviews”, but his fear turned into courage after remembering his encounter with Emanuel. Toby plucked up courage and responded, “yes… I know exactly what will happen”, he took a deep breath and continued, “and please know this, I have a name!… my name is…” he paused as he pondered the dire consequences of what he was about to do, then he continued with boldness, “TOBY!!”

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Love and God bless



Published by Gospelroad#66

Whether the glass is half full or empty is a matter of perspective. The glass can be half full of air and half full of water at the same time. I see life as a gift that is wrapped up with great potential. Writing is one way this gift can be expressed. Words can bring can awaken life. This is why I love the word of God through the bible. It is the living word that can transform humans, societies and ultimately the world. Welcome to my world of words, I hope and pray God will bring these words to life for you!,

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