Praying for the persecuted church #11

Hello everyone! Hope all is well with you! Today we are taking a trip to Saudi Arabia – number 11 on Open Doors world watch list.

The country has an estimated 35 million people and around 1 million Christians – 1 in 35 people. The main reason for persecution is because of Islamic oppression.

Most Christians in Saudi Arabia are foreigners who work temporarily in the country. There has been reports that some Christian foreign workers have been subjected to horrific working conditions. Foreign Christians are often forbidden to gather for worship, if they do they risk being put into detention or deportation.

Anyone who is from Saudi Arabia and becomes a Christian will often have to live out their faith in secret. If they are found to be a believer in Jesus then they risk violence, divorce and other extreme measures. Yet even so, this does not stop some Saudi Christians sharing their faith as they share boldly knowing the risks they take.

Things have escalated the last year and Saudi Arabia remains a difficult place to be a Christian.

There are no designated places where persecution is worse. All over the country the risk is equally severe and therefore makes living in this country as a Christian extremely difficult.

Let’s pray

Father God, thank you that your eye is upon the land of Saudi Arabia and that you see all that is happening. We pray that you would protect the migrant workers from being abused and help them be a faithful witness for you, may they be able to find a safe Christian community so they may have fellowship and worship. Please help those who have to keep their faith secret, may they know that you are with them and may the hearts of those they know be softened to accept the gospel. Please soften the hearts of the monarchy and religious leaders so they may allow the freedom to worship you. We pray this in Jesus Christ name - amen

Information source…

World watch list so far

1. Afghanistan

2. North Korea

3. Somalia

4. Libya

5. Yemen

6. Eritrea

7. Nigeria

8. Pakistan

9. Iran

10. India

11. Saudi Arabia

Love and God bless



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